About us

About us

The Safety and Health Preventive Service Bus for the Construction Sector (Byggeriets Arbejdsmiljøbus) is established to help companies, safety representatives and employees to develop and ensure safe and healthy working conditions and prevent accidents at construction sites.


The service is mobile, and our experienced consultants will welcome the opportunity to visit any construction site.


The Preventive Service Bus is established as part of the collective agreement between Danish Construction Association (Dansk Byggeri), The Wood, Industry and Building Workers’ Union in Denmark (Forbundet Træ-Industri-Byg), United Federation of Danish Workers (3F), Danish Union of Plumbers and Pipefitters (Blik- og Rørarbejderforbundet), Danish Metalworkers’ Union (Dansk Metal), Danish Union of Electricians (Dansk El-Forbund) and BJMF Copenhagen.

The Preventive Service Bus is financed by the Construction Sector Development Foundation. A visit by the consultants is free of charge for members of the above mentioned organisations.

The Preventive Service Bus is a non-governmental service institution and we are impartial regarding relations between management and employees in the companies. Our primary task is to improve the general up keeping of safety and health at the construction site.


When visiting the construction companies our aim is to further the co-operation with the safety groups and safety committees.


When visiting the construction sites our aim also is to further the involvement of the construction-client, the construction site-manager, the engineers and architects in a continuous improvement of the safety and health co-operation.


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